Join Annual today at Just Rs. 699 per Two-Semester and get Free MAKAUT Organizer with Free fast Shipping.

Student Membership


       What is Shopinway Student Membership?
Shopinway has Student Members all over the MAKAUT based Engineering & Management colleges in West Bengal. Shopinway Student Membership Enrollment: FREE fast Shipping, FREE MAKAUT Organizer and will soon be able to get benefits on upcoming products belongs to Only for Shopinway Student members.

       Shopinway Student Membership Options:

  •        Annual MembershipFREE Two-semester MAKAUT Organizer and Free fast Shipping from ODD Semester 2018 - EVEN Semester 2019 for NEW ENROLMENT & EVEN Semester 2019 - ODD Semester 2019 for EXISTING MEMBER  s(he) belongs to Only for Shopinway Student  Annual members. Join Annual today at Just Rs. 699 per Two-Semester till October 31, 2018Membership fees are non-refundable.                                                                    
      How long Shopinway Student Annual membership is valid for?
  •       Shopinway Student Annual Membership is valid for Engineering & Management college students and for the (2) two semester from the date of the registration of the Student     Membership.

How do I register for Shopinway Student Annual membership?

  •      You can register to the service, "Click here" or contact to Shopinway Student Member Head from your college, where you will be prompted for your membership application and payment details.

Can I utilise Membership benefits for purchases across all products?              
  •        Currently, exclusive benefits and priority services are applicable only on MAKAUT Organizer products.

       May I use different addresses to get my products?
  •      Yes, you may continue to enjoy your Shopinway Student Membership benefits on orders delivered to other addresses. But not all benefits are available on all pincodes. So, we suggest you check with your locations pin-code. Members are advised to intimate their change of address to Shopinway HQ immediately, quoting their Membership Number, old address, complete new address with pin-code through an email at . The contact no (tele as well as mobile) should also be given.

Terms & Conditions for Shopinway Student Membership 

Membership Service & Benefits:

1. Student Membership is our one-time paid membership for the students who wish to get access to exclusive benefits and priority service for MAKAUT Organizer products.

2. The student membership is non-transferable to any third person whatsoever.

3. Shopinway Student Annual Members to the service get access to Free Two semesters MAKAUT Organizer with Free Delivery from the date of the registration of the Shopinway Student Membership.

4. Each Semester Members will get their Free shipment of MAKAUT Organizer they belongs to within 7 working days from the date of latest edition get launched.

5. Shipping of the respective product will be done at shipping address mentioned during enrollment.

6. Student Membership Card must be shown by the student members when demanded.

7. As a Student Member, you are eligible for the benefit of Rs. 20 for a particular referral.

8. The company is not entitled in making any chain hence the referral benefits will be given to the member with that mentioned Reference ID in the membership application.

Membership Termination:

  • Shopinway Student Members are not permitted to purchase products for the purpose of resale. In case of any misuse of your membership, including but not limited to such resale of products, Shopinway shall be entitled to terminate your membership at any time without prior notice and with no obligation to refund money.

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